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String Instrument Repair Price List

(Free estimates on all work- this is just a basic guideline)

Guitar Repairs:
Restring and Cleaning:

(Includes fret polishing, body polishing, fingerboard conditioning, and hardware check)

6 String Guitar    $10 plus strings

Bass Guitar    $10 plus strings

12 String Guitars    $15 plus strings

Guitar with Floating Tremolo    $20 plus strings

Truss rod adjustments    $15

Intonation adjustments   $15

Electric Guitar Setup   $35 plus strings

(Includes restring, truss rod, action, pickup height, and intonation adjustments)

Electric Guitar Setup with floating tremolo   $45 plus strings

(Includes restring, truss rod, action, bridge tension, pickup height, and intonation adjustments)

Acoustic Guitar Setup   $35 plus strings

(Includes restring, truss rod, and adjusting bridge saddle height)


Refret Guitar By Estimate Only

Fret Dressing (single frets to eliminate buzz)   $25

Fret Reseat (repairing a lifting fret)   $5 per fret

Complete Fret Dressing   $80

(Includes planning frets, recrowning, polishing, and setup)

Hardware and Electronic Repairs:
(Parts are not included in these prices)

New electronic controls (pots, switches, & jacks)   $20 each

Repair existing controls (pots, switches, & jacks)   $15 each

New Pickup installation (with existing controls)   $25 each

Complete rewire of Stratocaster style guitar   $60

Complete rewire of Les Paul style guitar   $75

Trouble shooting of unknown electrical problems   $25 per hour

Tuning machine replacement   $5 each or   $25 per set

Direct replacement of nut or saddle (pre made)   $15

Carving of a new nut or acoustic saddle $30


Violin Repairs:
Restring and Cleaning   $10 plus strings

New bridge   $25

New nut   $30

Sound post setting   $20

Now taking on woodwind instrument repairs

  • Clarinets
  • Flutes
  • Saxophones
  • Cork and pad replacement
  • Much more


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